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SVHCs are not added to the ink!

Those who use consumables from SIMACO need not fear health and environmental risks.

Inks, solvents and cleaners from SIMACO are produced without using CMR substances or other SVHCs.

Terms such as "carcinogenic", "mutagenic" and "reprotoxic" (CMR) sound threatening.  The fact that they stand for "causes cancer", "causes genetic changes" and "endangers reproduction" does not necessarily improve the situation.  No–one wishes to come into contact with such CMR substances.  The same applies to poisons which have serious and long–term irreversible effects on humans and the environment.  Therefore SIMACO does not use these "substances of very high concern" (SVHCs) at all during the manufacture of consumables for industrial inkjet systems.

"I like to sleep at night" explains Oliver Faß SIMACO´s Managing Director.  "I do not want my employees or our customers to work with products which present a risk to them".  Therefore he banned SVHCs from all formulations a long time before the EU Chemical Directive REACH came into force in 2007; only substances which are not hazardous to health or the environment have been used for the manufacture of inks, MakeUps and cleaners since 1995.


Forewarned is forearmed

A product is removed from the SIMACO laboratory at the very latest when the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) adds it to the SVHC candidate list on the basis of current knowledge.  "We have made it our task to eliminate potentials risks immediately" explains Mr Faß.  The raw materials used are selected in accordance with the requirements of the umbrella organisation of the European printing ink industry (CEPE).  In addition SIMACO has compiled its own list of hazardous substances for voluntary checking purposes which is constantly updated.

This blacklist also includes all phthalates classed as CMR substances.  These are softeners which are suspected of acting like hormones and causing, among other things, infertility, overweight, diabetes and even genetic changes.  SIMACO does not add these to its inks.  "We use completely harmless softeners without exception" assures the Managing Director.  The same applies to all types of MakeUps and chemicals.

Those who purchase reasonably priced consumables for industrial inkjets from SIMACO can therefore confidently remove terms such as "carcinogenic", "mutagenic" and "reprotoxic" from their vocabulary.