Signing, marking and coding: coating perfectly in every area!

Whether sterilisation, pasteurisation, weather or UV resistant, solvent and chemical resistant, food-safe or fluorescent: we have the right solution for you and your task. Our creative team develops individual solutions for every application in addition to a portfolio with more than 600 standard serial products such as inkjet printing inks and special coatings for the most varied substrates, materials and tasks.

We provide qualified system solutions for a wide range of printing systems, e.g. Videojet, Domino, Markem-Imaje, Hitachi, Linx, Citronix, EBS, KBA-Metronic, Rottweil and Matthews, as well as solutions for error marking systems, spray guns and all types of signing devices.

Wood-working industry

  • Inks for using outside at low temperatures (up to minus 25 degrees Celsius)
  • Detectability with luminescence sensors
  • High edge definition coding for barcode application

Beverage industry

  • Fast-drying inks (< 1 second) for glass – non-returnable and returnable (washable / non-washable) and pasteurisation resistant

Food industry

  • Harmless water-based and alcohol-based inks
  • Sterilisation resistant inks
  • Direct and indirect food contact
  • Egg coding
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Low migration inks
  • Approved printing inks

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

  • Chemical and solvent resistant inks
  • Grease, oil and soap resistant inks
  • Low migration and low pollutant inks
  • Approved printing inks

Building materials industry

  • Weather resistant inkjet printing inks and coatings which are still readable many years later
  • pH value resistant marking of cement bound stones

Metal-working industry

  • Inks with particularly good adhesion for surface-treated metals
  • Rust bridging inks with anti-corrosion pigments
  • Heat resistant up to 1,200 degrees Celsius
  • Hot and cold coding (above 350 degrees Celsius or under 350 degrees Celsius) - stainless steel tubes and welding seams
  • Aluminium slabs marking
  • Coil marking
  • Etching inks


  • IR absorbing, fluorescent and OCR readable inks for automatic sorting in letter distribution units and other sorting and rejecting systems
  • Print and media

Automotive sector

  • Special paint coatings
  • Vulcanisation resistant inks
  • Chemical and solvent resistant inks
  • Permanent marking


  • High temperature resistant colours

RoHS / WEEE / GADSL compliant inkjet printing inks