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New developments for new challenges

Standard consumables from the SIMACOLOR series production fulfil the majority of inkjet applications for reliably marking product and packaging.  However SIMACO also provides creative problem solutions for new, unusual tasks – with custom–made new developments from its own laboratory.

The fastness of the ink, such as its resistance to cold and condensation, is checked during an intensive test.

Drying particularly quickly, withstanding extreme temperatures, UV radiation, chemicals and MakeUps, changing colour or even fluorescing:  there is a growing demand from industry and logistics for inkjet inks which have to be capable of more than proven standard products.  The demand for products in "one´s own", customer–specific, clearly defined Pantone or RAL colours is also constantly increasing.  In addition supply shortages, a reduction in quality or ecological / toxicological concerns are possible regarding the raw materials used which can make it necessary to develop new consumables.  SIMACO carries these out competently in its own laboratory.

For this specifications are created as the guidelines for the new development first of all and a corresponding initial formulation planned on the basis of the respective task.  In doing so the experienced SIMACO development team not only considers the inkjet system to be used, the colourant and solvent base required and the requirements to be fulfilled in each case but also the following points in particular:

  • consistently high product quality
  • stability of the physical and chemical parameters (viscosity, conductance, surface tension, chemical composition etc.)
  • the exclusion of unsuitable, suspended or even prohibited application–specific substances such as SVHCs or CMR substances
  • good filterability and no impurities, insoluble adducts or precipitation (SIMACO filtration test)

The application technological test is carried out afterwards; different burdens and physical influences are simulated using numerous routines in order to check resistance and fastness under realistic conditions.  This includes among other things:

  • adhesion and abrasion
  • autoclaving and pasteurising
  • resistance to heat, cold and moisture
  • resistance to numerous chemicals

The physical parameters of the formulation are determined as soon as it is suitable for the respective application and all the requirements have been fulfilled.  Furthermore safety data sheets and technical data sheets are prepared for documentation purposes.  A stability test lasting six to eight weeks is then carried out – it is checked at high and low temperatures whether the product characteristics change over time.  After all it has to be ensured that the colourant and the binder in the product survive the complete storage, transport and application process intact.

The SIMACO application technology checks the performance of the ink in the printing system intended for it if the ink remains free of residue, turbidity and other deviations.  In addition samples are regularly taken and precisely analysed and print specimens created and examined.  An accompanied field test is generally carried out at the customer´s afterwards in order to qualify the quality of the product in the customer´s own device.  The new development is only released and can be ordered by you when this has been passed too.