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SIMACO GMBH is expanding its range of consumables and services for industrial inkjet coders:  as of now Hitachi® users will also benefit from fully compatible inks and MakeUps at excellent prices.  Extensive technical support and the complete range of suitable spare parts also ensure the long-term availability of this supplier's printing systems.

Owners of Hitachi® inkjets can now use SIMACOLOR consumables.

Two standard and three special inks with the appropriate MakeUps from its own laboratory:  SIMACO can now also provide those who use devices from the Hitachi® PB, RX and PXR series for coding products with cost-effective alternatives to the original equipment manufacturer's products.

Fully compatible standard consumables

SIMACOLOR FPD2605048 replaces the Hitachi® product JP-K69:  the MEK black pigmented ink stands out due to optimal adhesive properties on the most varied surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal and cardboard as well as a high light fastness.  SIMACOLOR FPD2605001, MEK black ink, also has a wide range of applications and can be used without hesitation instead of the Hitachi® product JP-K72.  It adheres optimally on metal, paper and plastics such as PVC, PP or PE.

The new standard consumables have been approved for indirect food contact and are considerably cheaper than the equipment manufacturer's corresponding products.  Nevertheless they are fully compatible and can even be mixed with these.  Converting is straightforward and possible without replacing filters.

Special inks for special cases

There are now suitable SIMACOLOR products for special applications with Hitachi® inkjets  too:  FPD2504886 an ink which penetrates greasy surfaces, does not smudge and is resistant to abrasion is the first choice for reliably marking carton and composite packaging with minimum consumption.  FPD2605057 achieves the best adhesion and print quality on damp glass surfaces.  This ink shows what it is capable of especially during the cold filling process in the beverage industry where the glass bottles to be coded are often misted up.  It can be washed off with caustic soda and is therefore also ideal for use along returnable lines.  SIMACO has specifically developed the yellow pigmented special ink FPD2504947 for distinctively coding dark products made of rubber, aluminium or plastic e.g. when manufacturing seals, pipes and windows. 

The new SIMACOLOR products for Hitachi® systems are free of SVHCs such as carcinogenic or toxic substances and are in conformity with REACH.  They have already proved their worth in practice.  Extensive long-term field tests under realistic ambient conditions and their successful use at well-known end customers confirm this.

Extensive technical support

Users are not left on their own to deal with maintenance and repair work either.  The SIMACOTEC Service Team has received intensive training especially for this purpose.  In addition the offer comprises practice-oriented training courses for users and not least a complete range of cost-effective SIMACOPART spare parts for the inkjet systems of the Hitachi® PB, RX and PXR series.