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Letters take off with SIMACO

Deutsche Post (the German postal service) delivers millions of letters day after day.  The world´s leading logistics company uses an orange fluorescent ethanol ink supplied by SIMACO® for linear coding so that they always arrive on time and exactly to the correct addressees.  Its optimal re–readable print quality ensures that the mail is sorted fully automatically and allocated precisely.

Quick–drying, smear–resistant and rich in contrast:  the SIMACOLOR® product (FPD2401095) approved for Imaje® inkjet models 9030 and S7 produces the best results even on poorly absorbent, optically brightened or glossy envelopes.  The orange marking is luminous when it is irradiated with light of a certain wavelength so that it can be optimally read.  The undetected rate, the share of linear codes which are not identified, is less than 0.5%.


Up to 50% cheaper

The ethanol product and the corresponding consumables do not have to fear comparison with the products of original equipment manufacturers in terms of price:  the ink is up to 50% cheaper and thinners and cleaners cost up to 35% less.  This reduces the life cycle costs of the coding system considerably.

SIMACO® has over 20 years experience with regard to the means of production for postal automation.  The company also has water–based and IR–readable products for Videojet® and Imaje® systems in its range in addition to the fluorescent ethanol ink (FPD2401095).  They are used successfully, among other things, in Belgian, Austrian and South African mail distribution centres for linear coding.  Filled in particularly flexible cartridges they combine maximum operating reliability with perfect coding quality.