Competent development!

SIMACO produces a wide range of standard products.  However as the market changes so do the demands on inks and their properties.  Insights into the development process of new printing inks from individual customer requirements to the perfectly adhering product – an up-to-date video.

It is clear what the customer wants:  pouches which are marked reliably.  In a contrasting blue.  However the ink used must not contain any harmful substances.  Nevertheless it should dry extremely quickly and must not smear.  The development of a suitable product is not an easy task because the plastic surface of the white tubular bag is very smooth.

Therefore the SIMACO team gets together with the customer in order to clarify all the specifications in detail.  This is how specifications are generated which also take into account, among other things, the ambient conditions such as the humidity and temperatures of where the printing system with the new ink is to be used in addition to the colour and substrate.  An internal feasibility analysis follows in close cooperation with the in-house laboratory.  Suitable raw materials are selected afterwards if this result is positive. These are formulated and mixed with precision.  Subsequently it is carefully checked using different laboratory tests whether the stability, running and drying properties of the new development created in this way are just as good as, among other things, the density and covering capacity of the colour shade.

It can be sent to the customer for initial sample coding and on-site tests if the chemistry is right here too before ensuring that pouches are marked in blue with perfect adhesion every day in practice there.