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Successful interpack: SIMACO more in demand than ever!

SIMACO has made a name for itself as a problem solver with regard to the reliable inkjet coding of product and packaging.  This is underlined by the strong level of interest shown in the consumables and services of the company at the interpack 2014 exhibition in Düsseldorf by end customers, retailers and equipment manufacturers.  The members of the SIMACO exhibition team had their hands full for the complete duration of the trade meeting for the packaging industry.

The SIMACO interpack stand was crowded with visitors.

SIMACO had already agreed numerous definite appointments for intensive talks on the exhibition stand during the run-up to interpack.  The sensational stand design and the wide range of solutions presented acted as an additional crowd puller.  Managing Director Oliver Faß was pleased with "the large number of interesting contacts" during the course of the trade fair which lasted almost one week.  On average there were "constantly six or seven prospective customers to be attended to at the same time".

The outstanding quality of the products developed in the in-house laboratory were presented to them live.  For this magnifying glasses were coded with SIMACOLOR FPD2605275 for Hitachi® inkjets - a new sky-blue ink for safely marking the side of packaging made of plastic, glass or metal which faces towards the food.  The system which was already put into operation two days before the exhibition started using these consumables worked perfectly all through the week - in fact completely without any cleaning or maintenance.

The solution which the market has been waiting for

The perfect print image and the fast drying properties of this new ink not only attracted the attention of end customers and retailers but also that of the equipment manufacturers themselves.  Because they are also looking for an appropriate solution.  The fact that SIMACO has this fits into the overall picture:  the high quality of the consumables and services of the company has in the meantime been recognised internationally for some time now.  According to Mr Faß it was confirmed to him during many discussions with customers at interpack that they have proven their worth.

SIMACO has built up a reputation as a problem solver for almost every task with regard to the coding of packaging.  Therefore the demand was high on the company’s stand at interpack - on the part of end customers and retailers as well as inkjet manufacturers.